Until It Takes Over!

December 2022

There seems to be no bounds to the masquerade our illustrious American media can muster. No other propaganda machine in world history could hold a…

November 2022

A proposal for a better education system
Generational theft of the worst kind

July 2022

A way to stop CRT in schools

May 2022

Removing Government from Education - Saving our Kids by Empowering Teachers and Parents

March 2022

How a republic is the best answer.....

January 2022

The insane attack on our sensibilities and our Liberty

December 2021

We have done so much damage to our Republic and are at a critical point in our history. We may never recover at the rate we are going. This is not some…

November 2021

Excerpt from America UntoldGreetings to my subscribers and friends, I’ve been on the mend lately recovering from extensive shoulder surgery, so keypad time has been more o…

October 2021

I’ve many times interviewed individuals running for office, whether it be for Congress or for a local judgeship, and posed the question of federal…

September 2021

Achieving world peace would be so great. As long as I can remember, I’ve heard people preaching about it and have read plenty on that theme. Just think…